Loft Hatches

Create, replace, enlarge or move

  • Satisfy NHBC requirements
  • Meet all relevant British Standards
  • Comply with building regulations
  • Easy and safe access to your loft
  • Energy efficient and eliminate draughts
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Loft Ladders

Easy, safe access to your loft space

  • Light-weight aluminium 3 or 2 section loft ladder with / without comfort handrail
  • Premium wood folding ladder
  • Telescopic ladder where ladder stowage may be restricted

Loft Insulation

Cost-effective heat loss reduction

  • Significantly improves the thermal and energy efficiency in your home, helping keep your home warm in the winter & cool in the summer
  • Save money on your heating bills
  • Base insulation layer between joists with top-up insulation layer at right angles
  • Building regulations recommend depth of at least 270mm
  • Non-combustible Euroclass A1
  • We only use environmentally friendly insulation products – made with 80% recycled glass
  • Avoid compression by boarding your loft correctly
  • Insulate exposed pipes with flexible plastic foamed insulation.

Loft Boarding

Create energy efficient storage space in your home

  • Raised floor system avoids insulation compression by raising the height of a storage deck by at least 175mm on top of ceiling joists. This prevents compression of your loft insulation, maintaining U values.
  • Our system is built using loft legs made from recycled materials and complies to ISO9002 standards.
  • For additional strength, support and space for the insulation, we also install a timber frame, before then laying the loft boards on top.

Loft Storage

Additional storage capacity

  • Utilises space between trusses to maximise your storage capacity
  • Energy efficient storage shelf between trusses
  • Compliments a raised loft floor system